Aura Kingdom: One of my favorites!

Introductions are in order!

Ahhh… Aura Kingdom, one of the few games I look forward to playing each day. This guy was my first toon. I clocked in a boatload of hours on him. However, only in recent times did I manage to get decent gear for him. Anyways, welcome to the ninth installment of EnaBlog. Today’s topic as you might’ve guessed is the Anime MMORPG known as Aura Kingdom.

A brief history of the game!

Known in certain areas as Fantasy Frontier Online, Aura Kingdom has a consistent and loyal player base. Published by X-Legend in 2013 under the alias of Aeria Games, the game certainly does show its age. However, that has trivial effect in the grand scheme of things as the game still receives plenty of content updates.

A game guide for noobs!

Given that the game can be confusing for some players I will be writing a guide for it on this blog. Rule of thumb, max out damage and hp stats in the character window. After this you can allocate to other areas based on several factors. I will go into more detail later in this article. On another note, this article will be updated often so if you are interested you may check back whenever you please.

My character in aura kingdom
My character early on in my playthrough.

A brief introduction to PC Gaming before the main tutorial!

I do suppose if you are new to PC gaming in general you will need a guide on how to use the keyboard and mouse. (This section assumes you are using a standard qwerty keyboard.) Below is a diagram of a standard keyboard, familiarize yourself with it please and thanks.

Here is a list of useful keyboard shortcuts relevant to Aura Kingdom!

ESCOpens the game pause menu
CTRL + ALT + F4Force quits the game in most instances
ALT + HHides the interface
ZEquips/Unequips main weapon
XMakes the avatar sit down/stand up
COpens the character window
Not all keyboard shortcuts are listed here. For the full list press ESC, click SETTINGS, and finally look for the key binds tab.

To achieve moving your character/avatar, you can use the following keys (WASD) and depending on your settings either the left or right mouse button. In my case I use the right mouse button to effectively turn my character. Once you get used to the keyboard you will like it more than a console controller.

This concludes page one of this post. See you next week!

EnaBlog #8 – The 13-year-old Minecraft World


Good morning fellas, it has been a hot minute since my last blog post. So, I am glad to announce that I, Enadasa, have returned! Anyways today’s topic is one that I am immensely proud of and have put a ton of effort into. My first ever Minecraft World! Let’s begin shall we!


I can vaguely remember a time before I purchased my first copy of Minecraft. Things were different. I was young, so things seemed simpler to me. My first electronic device was a third generation I-Pod touch which exploded a few days before the authoring of this article. The battery expanded which is a problem on many devices, even newer ones. I know a certain youtuber found that most of the samsung phones in his collection had exploded last year or the year before. I’m lucky the battery didn’t get popped otherwise it could have burned my house down. Anyways, I purchased my first copy of Minecraft sometime in 2011. Of course, since I didn’t have a capable computer at the time, I purchased the pocket edition. This version of the game would later become Bedrock edition.

The map above is a full map of every explored chunk in my oldest world. The world has been uploaded to my realm server; however, I don’t plan to make it public any time soon. Bedrock worlds used to be eight chunks by eight chunks in total surface area. You can see an artifact of this near the center of the map. Oops I forgot to explain what a chunk is. In Minecraft, the world is made up of cubes. A chunk is the combination of a sixteen-by-sixteen area of these cubes. In-game using the map item and or the debug menu you can get coordinates for your exact location.

My base in my oldest Minecraft world

Around the time I bought Minecraft Pocket Edition, a bug existed which allowed for infinite duping of the hardest to obtain items at the time. You could spend five diamonds, gold ingots, or iron ingots, to receive one block of the corresponding material. I used this to obtain my stash of diamonds that I have in this world to this day. The bug was eventually fixed but it was too late. I still chuckle to myself when thinking about it. Anyways with this I conclude this section.

The future of the thirteen year old world

Given that the world is so old, it will one day cease to exist wether through corruption or other issues that could happen. As for me, I’ve gotten bored of vanilla Minecraft. Unless they add something new in the next update I’m going to probably take a break from the game entirely. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

Subiecraft Newsletter #1

Hello and welcome to the official Subiecraft newsletter. I, the esteemed Enadasa, have been granted the privilege of being responsible for this particular Minecraft SMP’s/”Survival Multiplayer” official newsletter. Anyways introductions aside. I used to play on Subiecraft. I even used to do streams every now and then. However since my announcement in EVLOG over at the following link on YouTube, I am a retired Minecrafter. So to stay a part of the Subiecraft team I decided to do the official Newsletter (I doubt Rich or Subieguy would’ve kicked me for inactivity though.)

The Admin Team

First up the member with the most subscribers on YouTube: RichJTurn. A good friend and an amazing builder. You should’ve seen the spawn area from Season . Richard built most of it if I remember correctly. Anyways on To the next member. Subieguy, the boss, otherwise known as the owner of Subiecraft. Very helpful. Good with Redstone. Next we have Fuzion however I myself haven’t had much interactions with him. So excluding myself, that about completes the list. Though the only thing I really administrate is this newsletter, happy to do so.

What to Expect

Starting with the basics, each Newsletter post will have a couple images and progress updates based on what other members of the server submit to me each week. A few posts might have tributes if needed. Some posts will have more content, others may have less etc.


So being that this is the first newsletter and all please provide feedback, no account is required last I checked. Anyways thanks for reading.

EBLOG #7 – Friday December 8th 2023

Grab yourselves a cup of coffee . . .

Good morning everyone, I hope those of you in the states slept better than I did. I woke up at 4:00 AM CST. Anyways sleep problems aside, I feel great. I’ve been walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes every day for the last four days including today. Exercise is definitely important for both physical health and mental health. I can’t believe it took me this long to see it.

Regarding the YouTube channel . . .

At the time of writing we currently have twelve days till Christmas, so merry early Christmas everyone. Planning for further out, I’ve decided this will be my last post of 2023. Lets do a quick recap of all I’ve gotten done in the last year.

  1. I’ve gained a boatload of subscribers, up to a grand total of 126.
  2. I retired the website after 8+ years and moved to the Vivaldi community platform.

Safe to say it’s been a somewhat productive year. Not as productive as I hoped it would be though, anyways I think its time for some updates regarding the what-if scene.

The What-if scene . . .

What-if Adrian who technically is my boss, as I administrate his discord server, has retired from the scene and mainly does short lore videos now. I have tried to encourage him to continue doing what-ifs, and was completely unsuccessful. On the other side of things Amagi has been doing amazing work with Naruto what-ifs. Pente-Patrol Star Wars has pumped good quality what-ifs out almost daily, and is 1.5k away from reaching 100k subscribers. The what-if scene is too large for any one person to see everything, so if I missed your favorite what-if you-tuber feel free to leave a comment. Anyways on to more personal matters, I never have talked about this online outside of short mentions on Discord, but last year my grandmother passed away. I think it would be good for me to talk about this a bit more than I have since I haven’t done so outside of short therapy sessions.

An update on my mental health . . .

The more time passes the more I think about my grandmother, she was one of if not the most important person in my life. I miss her. Back in 2018 or 2019 she was diagnosed with a form of cancer. Watching it ravage her body and mental state was the most painful part in all this to say the least. To be honest when writing this line, I finally felt the pain of this loss in it’s entirety. Beforehand I didn’t feel anything, even when I heard Grandma had passed away. I’m glad, I’m glad I am capable of feeling actual emotions. I didn’t cry at her funeral which at the time made me hate myself. This feeling in my chest though painful is reassuring. I don’t have to think I am a monster anymore. Thinking back, my best days as a child always occurred when I was at my grandmothers house. The most potent memory I have of her was the Christmas of 2010. That year she gave me a stuffed beaver which was based on a picture I had drawn. I still have the stuffed beaver to this day, as it is precious to me.

Near the end of her life and battle with cancer my grandmother contracted COVID-19, and that’s what ultimately killed her. She was 78.

Disclaimer . . .

The main reason I wrote about my grandmother was not to attract sympathy, I just needed to talk about how I felt after her passing. That being said, thank you for reading, this concludes todays post, have a nice day.

EBLOG #6 ~ Wednesday November 22nd 2023

Good morning fellas

I hope you had a good nights rest, grab yourselves a cup of coffee using the official Vivaldi Mug and take a seat. Prepare to enjoy the next few minutes and a good read.

I know, I know I’ve not posted in awhile but I assure you its not because I was burnt out from all the content creation I’ve been doing… (Sarcasm:)

Anyways I think it’s time for an update. I am taking a break from YouTube and will be focusing on this blog. Well a partial break from YouTube. I have two videos planned for sometime in the next month. or two. Anyways have a nice rest of your day wherever you are. I’m going to bed.

EBLOG #4 ~ Monday October 16th 2023

Good Morning Everyone!

I recently have not been getting enough REM sleep. Feel absolutely exhausted. However I plan to fix that hopefully in the next few days. This problem I have been experiencing started coincidentally on the same day I created the PlantMan Office Project. I probably should correct that statement, it was not a coincidence. I stayed up all night coding that night. To be honest I’ve always had problems sleeping, even when I was a kid. Couldn’t quite quiet my mind as easily as other people. However when I do eventually fall asleep it becomes nearly impossible for anyone to wake me up.

I have once again installed a new OS, what did I do this time?

So, first I guess I should explain what an OS actually is. For starters, “OS” is an acronym for operating-system. In a standard model of computing the operating-system or OS is the layer that sits on top of the hardware. All things you do on your computer are made possible by this layer. See diagram below for reference.

The standard model of computing

The best example of an operating system I think less tech savy people know of is Microsoft Windows or Mac OS. Anyways there are more advanced and thorough diagrams out there but I didn’t want to embed one from google images. So I created one using Collabora office.

So which OS did I install? I installed a little known project called Fyde OS. Though I did have certain major difficulties installing it. Namely the live environment came as a highly compressed archive, they managed to store 7.9 Gigabytes into the space of 1.6 Gigabytes. I couldn’t extract it without errors on windows which forced me to switch over to my install of Elementary OS. After that marjor hurdle I moved the extracted .img file onto a usb drive formatted with Ventoy. Ventoy is a project that makes it possible to have multiple bootable install media images on one usb drive. Very useful. Anyways Fyde OS is essentially a de-googled version of Chrome OS.

I so far am enjoying Fyde OS. The system is running faster than it ever did when Windows was installed. The Android subsystem is a nice bonus. Infact this post was written on Vivaldi mobile using said subsystem. So safe to say I won’t be reinstalling windows on this laptop again, ever.

An update on PlantMan Office

I haven’t been able to work on the project for a few days due to the sleep issues I mentioned above. Though that shouldn’t stop me from working on it for a few hours each day. I have big plans for the software, namely I want to include as many features as possible in one perfect package. As I learn more and more about Python, the features implemented will continue to get more and more advanced. Below is the list of planned features:

You have reached the end of this post

Thank you for reading. I hope you found this interesting!

EBLOG #3 ~ Friday October 13th 2023

PlantMan Office

Good afternoon fellas, today’s post is a bit different. I am officially announcing the start of a new office suite program by the name of PlantMan Office. I maintain the GitHub repository alone, and honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is a nice change of pace for me, normally I just sit home all day and play video games. Now I code and play video games. I bet you are wondering how I came up with the name! The answer to that is simple. I used to go by the online alias of LordGrass about a decade ago. So as you can see the name for the program is based on my old alias. Anyways grab yourselves a cup of hot coffee or tea and enjoy the read.

Features and Planned Features of PlantMan Office

The follow screenshot is what I managed to accomplish in a little under twenty four hours of work. I am new to python and had to use many tutorial websites as reference material. Now I can say I am confident enough to continue coding, even without the web.

The versioning system

The versioning system I am using is as follows:

V. A.B.Cd where A is reserved for full release, versions. B is reserved for major versions and C is reserved for Minor versions. Finally d is reserved for bug fix patches and instead of being a number will be a letter.

You have reached the end of this post. Thanks for reading.

EBLOG #1 ~ Tuesday October 3rd 2023

Introductions are in order…

Heyo everybody, my name is Enadasa. I have been using and enjoying the official vivaldi community features for quite a long time. Starting with the email service. I haven’t received a single spam email in the two or three years in which I’ve used the service. Anyways I think it’s time to write a bit about myself. Born in 2001 and raised in Coon Rapids Minnesota, in my childhood I often looked to the stars and thought. I was interested in many things during this point in my life. Geology or Astronomy had to be my greatest interest. However, As I grew older my focus shifted to the growing internet. The first computer I ever saw was an iMac G3 which my school had many of in the computer lab. However, being in Kindergarten I didn’t get to use one until the following year. Midway through the year they upgraded to newer and faster machines. This would be repeated for the next twelve years. Eventually they switched to Microsoft products as apparently apple didn’t give the school district a good enough deal. Anyways the year 2019 came and I graduated. I had my first job on the cleaning team at the local grocery store around this time and quit about eight months in. After graduating from high school, I went on another two years doing a carreer program. The pandemic eventually started and I’m glad I didn’t find another job; this was because my YouTube channel exploded and I’m doing what I love.