Upload Schedule | 4/28/2023 ~

Monday – Hogwarts Legacy let’s play 8:00AM CST

Tuesday – Subiecraft SMP Livestream (Times will vary:)

Wednesday – TBD

Thursday – Aura Kingdom let’s play 8:00AM CST

Friday – Minecraft Bedrock Peaceful Let’s play (Erealm) 8:00AM CST

Saturday – Aura Kingdom Livestream (Times will vary:)

Sunday – TBD

Additional notes ~

  • What-if scenario videos will be live on Monday as they are ready in the order they are completed in.
  • What-if scenarios will be posted here first before being uploaded to YouTube, and are exclusive to YouTube.

Info ~

Mastodon Profile: Enadasa (@[email protected]) – Vivaldi Social

YouTube Channel: Enadasa – YouTube