EBLOG #1 ~ Tuesday October 3rd 2023

Introductions are in order…

Heyo everybody, my name is Enadasa. I have been using and enjoying the official vivaldi community features for quite a long time. Starting with the email service. I haven’t received a single spam email in the two or three years in which I’ve used the service. Anyways I think it’s time to write a bit about myself. Born in 2001 and raised in Coon Rapids Minnesota, in my childhood I often looked to the stars and thought. I was interested in many things during this point in my life. Geology or Astronomy had to be my greatest interest. However, As I grew older my focus shifted to the growing internet. The first computer I ever saw was an iMac G3 which my school had many of in the computer lab. However, being in Kindergarten I didn’t get to use one until the following year. Midway through the year they upgraded to newer and faster machines. This would be repeated for the next twelve years. Eventually they switched to Microsoft products as apparently apple didn’t give the school district a good enough deal. Anyways the year 2019 came and I graduated. I had my first job on the cleaning team at the local grocery store around this time and quit about eight months in. After graduating from high school, I went on another two years doing a carreer program. The pandemic eventually started and I’m glad I didn’t find another job; this was because my YouTube channel exploded and I’m doing what I love.

What now…?

Now with a small following on YouTube at 120 total subscribers I plan to launch a Minecraft server. I will upload a trailer in the coming days. Also, if you are interested in making content or joining the server please head over to the following link: EE-SMP | LORDGRASS.COM (AS of10/7/2023 the website at this link has been shut down. I was the owner, and it was getting too expensive.)


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