EBLOG #4 ~ Monday October 16th 2023

Good Morning Everyone!

I recently have not been getting enough REM sleep. Feel absolutely exhausted. However I plan to fix that hopefully in the next few days. This problem I have been experiencing started coincidentally on the same day I created the PlantMan Office Project. I probably should correct that statement, it was not a coincidence. I stayed up all night coding that night. To be honest I’ve always had problems sleeping, even when I was a kid. Couldn’t quite quiet my mind as easily as other people. However when I do eventually fall asleep it becomes nearly impossible for anyone to wake me up.

I have once again installed a new OS, what did I do this time?

So, first I guess I should explain what an OS actually is. For starters, “OS” is an acronym for operating-system. In a standard model of computing the operating-system or OS is the layer that sits on top of the hardware. All things you do on your computer are made possible by this layer. See diagram below for reference.

The standard model of computing

The best example of an operating system I think less tech savy people know of is Microsoft Windows or Mac OS. Anyways there are more advanced and thorough diagrams out there but I didn’t want to embed one from google images. So I created one using Collabora office.

So which OS did I install? I installed a little known project called Fyde OS. Though I did have certain major difficulties installing it. Namely the live environment came as a highly compressed archive, they managed to store 7.9 Gigabytes into the space of 1.6 Gigabytes. I couldn’t extract it without errors on windows which forced me to switch over to my install of Elementary OS. After that marjor hurdle I moved the extracted .img file onto a usb drive formatted with Ventoy. Ventoy is a project that makes it possible to have multiple bootable install media images on one usb drive. Very useful. Anyways Fyde OS is essentially a de-googled version of Chrome OS.

I so far am enjoying Fyde OS. The system is running faster than it ever did when Windows was installed. The Android subsystem is a nice bonus. Infact this post was written on Vivaldi mobile using said subsystem. So safe to say I won’t be reinstalling windows on this laptop again, ever.

An update on PlantMan Office

I haven’t been able to work on the project for a few days due to the sleep issues I mentioned above. Though that shouldn’t stop me from working on it for a few hours each day. I have big plans for the software, namely I want to include as many features as possible in one perfect package. As I learn more and more about Python, the features implemented will continue to get more and more advanced. Below is the list of planned features:

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Thank you for reading. I hope you found this interesting!


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