EBLOG #3 ~ Friday October 13th 2023

PlantMan Office

Good afternoon fellas, today’s post is a bit different. I am officially announcing the start of a new office suite program by the name of PlantMan Office. I maintain the GitHub repository alone, and honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is a nice change of pace for me, normally I just sit home all day and play video games. Now I code and play video games. I bet you are wondering how I came up with the name! The answer to that is simple. I used to go by the online alias of LordGrass about a decade ago. So as you can see the name for the program is based on my old alias. Anyways grab yourselves a cup of hot coffee or tea and enjoy the read.

Features and Planned Features of PlantMan Office

The follow screenshot is what I managed to accomplish in a little under twenty four hours of work. I am new to python and had to use many tutorial websites as reference material. Now I can say I am confident enough to continue coding, even without the web.

The versioning system

The versioning system I am using is as follows:

V. A.B.Cd where A is reserved for full release, versions. B is reserved for major versions and C is reserved for Minor versions. Finally d is reserved for bug fix patches and instead of being a number will be a letter.

You have reached the end of this post. Thanks for reading.


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