Haiku ~ A status update

Much has happened since my last post, Haiku a modern implementation of Be-OS. During that time I reinstalled windows on my backup PC. Microsoft announced they would be taking screenshots every three seconds. So safe to say it’s probably going to drive a ton of people towards Linux. That being said, it is of my opinion that Microsoft should be sued over the fact they turned Windows into a form of spyware. They shouldn’t have any right to use or sell my data in any way, they shouldn’t even be allowed to collect it in the first place. Major legislation needs to be done in the United States to prevent companies from doing this type of stuff.

The fact that Microsoft has and has had a monopoly on the OS market since the introduction of windows 3.0 really infuriates me to no end.

As for the spyware problem that only began more recently, starting with windows 8 and culminating with windows 11. Microsoft even sneaked some of this garbage into Windows 7, with an update at one point.

Safe to say Microsoft needs to be stopped. Thanks for reading.

An old pc running windows XP

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  1. I’ve been using GNU-Linux operating systems for many years now, and I’m really glad I chose to switch from Windows to free software OS. Microsoft, as well as many other IT corporations, are becoming spookier over the years.
    It’s nice that you are bringing this up here. People need to be better informed about the technology they are using.
    Staying in one’s comfort zone is a choice, and people need to know that the price they are paying (besides license fees) is often their right to privacy.


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