EBLOG #5 ~ Tuesday October 17th 2023

Hello fellow readers and writers

Today I bring some rather troubling news, statistics or whatever you want to call it. Since signing up for Akismet anti-spam, six attempts have been made to post spam to the comments section on my blog. Out of those, two I flagged myself. That is about two-thirds accuracy. Pretty good if you ask me. Anyways I want to take my time to say, if your using the blogging features on Vivaldi community, you should set up the spam filter program I just mentioned. Keep the community safer for everyone!

As you can see there has been a total of six spam attempts. Make sure y’all set up the included anti spam application, it’s free!

How to set up the WordPress spam filter on your Vivaldi community blog

So since I saw the community as a whole has been seeing an influx of new blog writers I decided to write this tutorial. Now then, since I already posted the above image which shows the WordPress dashboard, I can point out which option to click.

  1. Click on settings.
  2. Click on Akismet Anti Spam
  3. Follow the instructions to obtain an API key.
  4. Copy the generated API key and paste it into the box in your dashboard that says “Api key.”
  5. If you clicked the right plan, you should now have free anti-spam services on your Vivaldi community blog.


So I know this was a shorter post, however I wanted to publish it as soon as possible due to the nature of it. Anyways have a nice day and keep reading, Enadasa OUT!


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